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SRAMTA Kids has a well-planned child oriented curriculum. We feel that curriculum development is an on-going process to meet the needs of your child. Each month themes are introduced in your child’s classroom and divided into specific weekly programs and daily activities. Our curriculum is based on the following learning objectives: physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. As your child advances through SRAMTA Kids, the specific skills learned at each level serves as a foundation for learning at the next level.

PreK/Pre-Mont Objectives

Physical Development

  • Gross Motor: Climbing, Running, Jumping, Balancing Etc.
  • Fine Motor: Painting, Paper Work, Pasting, Threading, Cutting, Puzzles, Pattern Making, Sorting.

Intellectual Development

  • Cognitive Skills: Memory & Observation, Classification, Sequential thinking, Reasoning& Problem solving Pre-Number Concepts, Number Concepts.
  • Language Skills: listening to stories, comprehension, recall the ,major highlights of short simple stories, listening, speaking, about self, related to home, related to environment, reading readiness, visual discrimination, writing readiness.
  • Sensory Development: sense of sight(charts, movable objects), sense of touch(sand paper, cloth of different textures), sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste.

Social Development

  • Interactive Skills: providing both large and small group activities
  • Behavior Skills: encouraging cooperation learning respect and responsibilities of others

Emotional development:

  • Ability to identify emotion, Express emotions in a healthy way, understand the process of socialization,Self-Esteem, Independence.

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